Occupational English Test (OET)

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We offer World’s Best OET Coaching in Hyderabad. OET is the test for Healthcare professionals for Moving Abroad, Professional Registration etc. From 9th september, 2018, OET Exam is conducted on updated test pattern. OET is for 12 healthcare professions. The OET Exam can be taken by any times and 12 healthcare professions  include – Dentistry | Dietetics | Medicine | Nursing | Occupational Therapy | Optometry | Pharmacy | Physiotherapy | Podiatry | Radiography | Speech Pathology | Veterinary Science. Among them, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists were the prominent and frequent test-takers. OET access real life healthcare working conditions linked with English language.

Why England English?

England English offers OET preparation courses that are customized to suit the needs of different types of candidates. Our Master Trainers will be continuously supporting you till you get the desired score in all sub-tests of Occupational English Test. Our Preparation course is a combination of unique techniques and authenticated practice & mock test which will get you the desired score in the OET test. Attend 2 real classes as demo on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or on any Saturday. We charge fee for score, not for duration of the course. It means the fee is directly linked to the score you want. Until you get the required score in OET, we will continue the coaching.

Listening Sub-test:

The Listening sub-test consists of three parts, and a total of 42 questions.

Part A: 2 Consultation extracts (about 5 minutes each) — 24 Questions
Part B: 6 Short workplace extracts (about 1 minute each) — 6 questions
Part C: 2 Presentation extracts (about 5 minutes each) — 16 Questions

Speaking Sub-test:
2 Role-play cards

The Speaking sub-test is delivered individually and takes around 20 minutes. This part of OET uses materials specifically designed for your profession.  

Reading Sub-test:

– The Reading  sub-test consists of three parts, and a total of 42 questions. Part BC – 45 minutes.

Part A: Expeditious reading task(15 minutes) — 20 Questions
Part B: 6 Short Careful reading tasks  — 6 Questions
Part C: 2 Long Careful reading tasks — 16 Questions

Writing Sub-test:
Letter Writing Task

The Writing sub-test takes 45 minutes and is profession-specific. There is one task set for each profession based on a typical workplace situation and the demands of the profession – a nurse does the task for nursing, a dentist does the task for dentistry, and so on.

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Online Class Timings: Skype Live 1-1 Sessions will be scheduled according the students time.

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How to book OET Exam? or How do I apply for OET?

  • Log in to myOET portal (Official OET website)
  • Create an Account
  • Sign in to your dashboard, click the Apply for the Test
  • Fill all the information
  • Check Test date, Exam Location and profession you want to apply
  • Proceed to checkout for payment
  • Pay the fee by Credit Card (AUD $ 587)
  • Get the acknowledgement and Instant seat booking