Good News: NAATI CCL started accepting “Telugu”

NAATI CCL – Telugu Language Exam Acceptance

The Credentialed Community Language Test (CCL) is an assessment of your language abilities at a community level.

The CCL Test is generally taken by the applicants who are looking to lodge a point-based visa application. On successfully passing the test, applicants are awarded five bonus points. These bonus points are also referred to as Credentialed Community Language Points.

This test is not a professional certification. If you pass the CCL test, you are not certified to work as an interpreter or a translator.

Candidates can submit CCL applications from 22nd July 2020 for testing due in late August 2020 at their website:

NAATI CCL Test Format:

  • NAATI CCL tests are conducted online.
  • The test consists of two dialogue recordings.
  • Each dialogue represents a conversation between a native English Speaker and a native Language Other Than English (LOTE) speaker.
  • Each dialogue is approximately 300 words, with about half in English and half in the Language Other Than English speaker.
  • The dialogues are divided into segments of 35 words or less.
  • The dialogues used will reflect real-life situations in Australian society. They are designed to examine a candidate’s ability to understand both languages and communicate in them.
  • The Test comprises of two dialogues; each worth 45 marks. In order to pass the test, a candidate requires at least 29 marks in each dialogue and an overall score of 63 out of 90.

The result for the CCL Test will be given as:

  • Successful Pass: 63 or higher (marks out of 90)
  • Marginal Fail: between 58 and 62.5 (marks out of 90)
  • Clear Fail: less than 58 (marks out of 90)